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How’s it going, Fun guy?
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How’s it going, Fun guy?

Fungi exist on earth longer than humans and regulate the natural environment through their mysterious ability. They make life happen. Inspired by Donna Haraway's Chthulucene, I turned to fungi as the call of "making kin". The artwork will be about how I consider fungi as a friend and take them to experience things like human beings while recording their "comments" with a sense of humor as a new way of perceiving other species. By exploring this, redefining the way we sense the outer world, and proposing the limits of our human perception of the environment and knowledge of nature, which is a practice of Jakob von Uexküll’s Concept of " Umwelt ". While challenging anthropocentrism, the piece also tries to point out the limitations of human thinking and indicates the insurmountable gap of "making kin" between humans and non-humans, also as a recall of the claim of Uexküll that one can never access the Umwelt of anyone else.