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It is an instinctive impulse for me to get to know something by eating it (driven by a desire for understanding through symbiosis, a non-codified type of knowledge). It is more about feeling and experience instead of logic and objective data, which comes to me as an original methodology. Slime mold is smart in some way but we know nothing about it. They show the phenomenon of cognition without a “brain”, which challenges the concept of cognition as a “chemical process driven by neurotransmitters in the brain”. How about just eating it and seeing what will happen?( Like Jenna Sutela did in her performance, Many Headed Reading, 2016) Is it something like magic mushrooms (the stoned ape theory) that helps us evolve? Will I be smarter if I eat it? For reshaping humans' interior milieu, the piece is a fictional practice of Anthropotechnics (Peter Sloterdijk). There might be no answer for me, but seeking to provide answers is not all my work (artists sometimes just make “divination”).